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Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness 

Please join us in spreading the word about PAD


PAD Risk Factors:

·         History of Smoking

·         Diabetes

·         Advanced age

·         High Blood Pressure

·         Excess weight

·         A family history of PAD

·         High Cholesterol

PAD Symptoms:

·         Leg or foot wounds that are slow to heal

·         Unexplained leg pain or cramping, especially during exercise or walking

·         Skin problems or discoloration on your legs and feet, poor nail growth

PAD Diagnosis:

·         A thorough history and physical by Doctor will often be enough to diagnose PAD

·         A simple noninvasive test called an ankle brachial index (ABI) which compares blood pressure in your             arms and legs, can be done to further verify PAD

       We have our Joint Commission Accredited Vascular Specialty Lab as a  treatment option for PAD .


"San Joaquin Cardiology is dedicated to preventing cardiovascular disease.  We are committed to offering state of the art technology to all of our patients.  Our patients are our family."

      -Dr. Fram Buhari